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Commission Free Trading

Sep 26, 2016 12:26:40 PM by Michael McNelis

Commission Free Trading with Key2Options and Tradier Brokerage

Huge leaps in computing power are transforming modern finance in ways that few have ever imagined.  Key2Options is an institutional grade software program designed to allow both retail and professional traders the ability to backtest trading strategies using historical stock and options data without having any knowledge of computer programming.

Large hedge funds and financial institutions have been quant trading for years. They had the money and the computing power to crunch the numbers and discover pattern recognition. Algorithmic trading can be expensive depending on the frequency of the system. Profitable quantitative models can be turn to losses when commission cost are applied. If, for example, you only have $1,000 to invest in a trade and you're using a discount broker that charges $20 per trade, 2% of the value of your trade is eaten away by the commission fee when you first enter your position. When you eventually decide to close out of your trade, you will likely pay another $20 commission fee, which means that the round-trip cost of the trade is $40, or 4% of your initial cash amount. That means that you will need to earn at least a 4% return on your trade before you break even and can begin to make a profit.

We wanted to create a tool for traders who didn’t have access to computer programmers to be able to have their trading signals vetted. We have a simple trader friendly platform that lets trader’s backtest and create trading strategies without programming and remove emotion from trade execution.   Key2Options answers the question, “What if I had applied investment strategy X during period Y.”   Humans do not have the ability to compute large sets of data. We supply you the data and the platform necessary to make rational, vetted trades. This puts retail traders on par analyzing data like institutional traders.

As a member with Key2Options, we give you commission free trading!  With Key2Options, you can create, backtest, optimize and design your trade plans based on individual risk-reward expectations and trade commission free right from our options platform.

Once desired trade plans are locked in for live market scans, Key2Options platform will identify the right stocks, options with strikes and expirations that match the trade plans and send alerts. These trades can be directly sent to Tradier for commission free trading.

With Key2Options you have the ability to analyze the past and trade the future commission free. The power of Key2Option combined with the speed of Tradier, a winning combination.

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