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Delphian Blog

Profiting from Extreme Market Volatility

Posted by Ashok Yarlagadda on Jan 8, 2019 1:37:43 PM

Everyone needs certain tools to work and get a job finished. Landscapers need mowers and rakes, carpenters need building materials, and software engineers need computers. Therefore, it only makes sense that traders need tools, too, analytical tools to be specific. Especially in today’s highly volatile markets, investors need tools that are continuously analyzing market indices, individual equities and ETFs.

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Options Trading Strategies

Posted by Michael McNelis on Oct 10, 2016 3:06:51 PM

Options Strategy - Key2Options Platform

Options gives you options. In traditional stock buying, most people buy and hold stocks. Some call it buy and hope. The expectation is that the market at some point will go higher and your stock price will go up. Does the market always go up? Of course not. The market can trend up, down or sideways for periods of time. Why not capitalize on major moves using options? We can use option trading for hedging positions, for capital appreciation as well as generating income.

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Russell Index ready for move to State 7

Posted by k20wpadmin on Jan 14, 2016 1:52:24 PM

The #Russel2000index is poised to exit State 8  with the probability of 90% heading into State 7. Historically it stays in State 8 for 28 days. It has been there for 24 days presently. Look for your entry buy points and expect a 13 day bullish move for the Russell over the next 2 weeks. We should see a 4-5% move to the upside.

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The Traders Expo in NYC

Posted by k20wpadmin on Jan 14, 2016 11:24:31 AM

Join the #Key2Options team in #NYC at the Traders Expo 
February 21-23, 2016

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From creating a personalized quantitative model for advanced traders to providing “built-in” strategies for beginners and intermediates, Delphian proves to be beneficial for everyone.  Using dashboards and wizards, Delphian provides traders unbiased assessments during highs or lows, giving investment advice based on facts rather than emotions. The program can be used to increase alpha by utilizing buy & sell signals (generated by using predictive analysis), with prices and time targets identified at the trade entry point. Price targets reflect volatility in the market and use self-learning machine learning models. Currently, coverage includes stocks and options in US markets beginning from Jan 2007.

 Significant benefits include:

  • ENHANCED COLLABORATION - By sharing quantitative and qualitative analysis between parties, Delphian forms a structured and disciplined approach towards research models.
  • REDUCE LABOR COSTS & EFFICIENCY RATIO - Delphian enables faster analysis and helps to vet ideas with low cost. Delphian helps reduce the learning curve for newer analysts, resulting in higher productivity.
  • CONNECT QUANT MODEL TO OPTIONS TRADING - When working quant models for equities connected to Delphian, the program helps leverage option strategies for the same position.
  • IMPROVE TRADING STRATEGY DESIGN EFFICIENCY & INCREASE/ IMPROVE ALPHA - Delphian helps induce efficient options strategies to funds and improves the alpha due to leverage.
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